Middengard Landscape

So…Middengard, what does it look like? If you’ve read “Stone Keeper” you’ll have your own ideas. But I thought it might be a nice idea to share some of the places that inspired me.

The thing is, I love walking. Comes of the fell walking my parents made me do when I was young. We complained at the time (my sister and I) – no trips to Disneyland for us. It was always walking, walking, up some windswept moor or other or some foggy mountain in Scotland. Remote cottages with no TV, heating if you were lucky….Anyway, I digress. The walking bug has stuck with me, and whilst living on this side of the equator, I’ve done some magnificent walks on the South Island of New Zealand. This picture, which was taken whilst walking the Milford Track, was my inspiration for the Black Tarn that Stanor, Alice et al reach in Chapter 9 (and which Alice and Toby return to in Chapter 17).


Beautiful, isnt’ it? And further on, on the same track, there are magnificent waterfalls. Certainly one worthy enough to hide the entrance to the Anhaga’s cave:


No wonder Stanor tells Alice to watch her footing. I got within barely ten metres of this cascade and was drenched in spray. Good job Alice is the hardy type.

But what about Melbourne? Are the places there real? Yes they are, and they’re right on my doorstep. Here’s the Shrine of Remembrance, I walk past it nearly every day. Now, you can’t tell me there aren’t any secret passages in there….


And just wait till Book 3 (spoiler alert) … we get to the Australian Outback then. Now that is worth seeing – so make sure you check the blog once Book 3 is on sale.

3 Replies to “Middengard Landscape”

  1. Fiona Quinton says:

    Fantastic pictures June

  2. Meg Montague says:

    What no images of lonely Yorkshire moors, or the Pennines in winter: though I am sure they must have been in the back of your mind. They were in mine as I read as we too were dragged out to walk as children, (and swim in freezing lakes and streams) .

    • They certainly were in the back of my mind Meg! but also the beautiful New Zealand scenery and the Lake District and Scotland….how thankful I am (looking back) for all that walking…

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