book 6 – the Queen’s Mirror

What if magic helped Elizabeth I defeat her enemies?

Josh Winter is tech-savvy modern day teenager living in Australia. Molly Watson is a nineteenth-century mill worker with plenty of common sense. When they travel back in time to Tudor England, they face an apparently insurmountable challenge: theft of a magic object from Queen Elizabeth 1.

Luckily there are unexpected allies on the streets of London – Balthazar, a Fae cat with attitude, and Lady Catherine, an inconvenient girl who wants the freedom of a boy.

Yet the sixteenth century is dangerous and bloody. As the friends scheme their way into Elizabeth’s Court, a new enemy emerges. Is it Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth’s spymaster, or someone with more sinister intent?

Book 6 of The Middengard Sagas, ‘The Queen’s Mirror’ is a thrilling historical fantasy for readers of all ages.

Available as an ebook or paperback.