The Middengard Sagas

“The day Alice met the twins her life changed for ever. Because it was the day she got mixed up in Middengard. The day she stepped into the prophecy. Not that she knew that. Not then.”

Fourteen year-old Alice Morgan is out of place with her rich relatives in Melbourne. All she wants to do is return to England and solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance.

But you should be careful what you wish for. When she is lured to Middengard, a hidden realm peopled by an ancient warrior race, her cousin Toby and her annoying friend Jess follow her, putting their own lives in jeopardy.

Placing her trust in the Hilderinc warrior Stanor, Alice learns that the pendant left to her by her missing mother is one of the Doom Stones, powerful stones needed to protect both Middengard and the world of men from destructive forces.

As Alice, Toby and Jess become embroiled in a battle to help the Hilderinc defeat a rebel intent on upsetting the balance of power, Alice learns more about Middengard and her mother’s part in it. Finally, she has to make the hardest choice of her life –  rescue her mother or save Toby.

A new fantasy that’s perfect for readers 14+ and above, fans of Philip Pullman and Madeleine L’engle won’t want to miss the thrilling first instalment of The Middengard Sagas.

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