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The Middengard Sagas – the Doomstone Trilogy

‘The day Alice met the twins, her life changed forever’
“Beautiful stone,” her enemy said. “Where did you get it?”
Only the Doom Stones can save Middengard – but how many must die first?

The Middengard Sagas – the Lost Boy Trilogy

What happened to Stanor’s wife? And where is her lost child?
A boy is missing – hidden in the human past. What will it take to find him?
‘A fantastic finale to the series… An incredible journey’ – Amazon

The Middengard Sagas – the Queens Trilogy

Is the Queen’s Mirror hidden in Tudor England, where danger hides at every turn?
What is the Queen’s Secret, guarded over centuries?

Watch out for the final instalment – ‘The Queen’s Gift

Coming in 2022!

Special Editions

This is hands down one of my favorite epic fantasy reads of the year’ – Amazon.

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