About June Wilson

June Wilson was born in Yorkshire, in the north of England. She had an uneventful childhood (school, Brownies, more school) but an eventful alternative one, where her Vivid Imagination enabled her to have many adventures and meet all sorts of people. On a diet of four library books a week (sometimes more) it was easy for her to settle (at nine) on her future career.

All seemed to be going to plan as she daringly crossed the Pennines to read English Language and Literature at Manchester University, where this time she had some real adventures and met all sorts of people. Reading, essays, more reading: surely at 20 it was time to be a Novelist?

It was. The great novel was penned and although not required on syllabus, handed in to her favourite tutor (who was surely bound to see her latent talent). Alas it was not so: surprising and not what he expected. Oh well.

Right, she thought. Maybe a good slice of Real Life first. That’s what writers need. She rolled up her sleeves and took a deep breath. After graduation, a year of doing not much at all, except starting terrible jobs and promptly giving them up again. But just when all was looking bleak, she landed a job with a global accounting firm and set about converting herself. To what? An accountant, of course! So obvious!

Then something strange happened. She found she liked her new career. Numbers were satisfying. Principles of logic were applied – Left Brain on fire! She met lots of people and had a big adventure: she moved to Australia in 1987.

Auditing, corporate finance, more auditing – but at least it was in a pleasant climate. She got married. Acquired three stepchildren, followed (at an appropriate interval) by several grandchildren. Then she hit 50. Crisis ensued. Half her life gone (most likely more) and no novels written! This wasn’t what she had planned for the Vivid Imagination. Time to get it out and dust it off.

So now she happily works with the VI most days, when she’s not helping out just one (or two) clients or her charity of choice. She hopes you like her books, because she wants you to have many adventures and meet all sorts of people.

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