The Middengard Sagas

‘That’s a lovely pendant, Alice – where did you get it?’ Alice clutched the Stone and hid it from view. ‘It’s a  family heirloom. My mother left it to me.’ Someone had told her once that the best lies were the ones closest to the truth.  But it was barely half the story – the rest was hers and hers alone.

Alice Morgan is back in Melbourne, mourning the loss of her cousin Toby. The Stone has been returned to her, but Middengard remains closed to her. Lonely without Toby, she finds a new and surprising friend in Josh Winter, the son of a reclusive inventor.

The friendship is shortlived when Alice seemingly disappears. When his father begins to act strangely too, Josh stumbles into Middengard and becomes an unwitting pawn in a fight he doesn’t understand.

As Josh searches for Alice, she learns she is the only person who can defeat Middengard’s enemies. But only if she finds the second Stone – a Stone with equal if not more powers than her own. Soon she finds herself in a deadly race against new and fearsome enemies. And who amongst her friends has turned against her?

Aimed at readers aged 14+, Stone Quest is an epic fantasy that’s perfect for fans of Philip Pullman and Madeleine L’engle.

Now available as an ebook or paperback. Purchase via the link on this page or go to (for Australia), (for UK and Ireland) and for the US.