The Middengard Sagas

‘Alice had to get the second Stone. Too many people had died for her to give up now and she wasn’t sure who had betrayed her.’

Alice’s quest for the second Stone has failed. Back in Melbourne once more, Josh Winter is her only ally in trying to outwit Adrian and return the Stone to its rightful place in Skellstor. Without it, she’ll never be able to bring Toby home.

As Alice finally learns the full truth about Middengard and the part she has to play, Toby and Iris fight for their lives in Skellstor. As the city faces a siege that threatens to destroy the city and all within its walls the only question is, will Alice arrive in time to save them?

The third instalment of the thrilling Middengard Sagas, Stone Wielder is an epic fantasy that’s perfect for fans of Philip Pullman and Madeleine L’engle.

Now available as an ebook or paperback. Purchase via the link on this page or go to (for Australia), (for UK and Ireland) and for the US.