BOOK 4 – The BOY in the dark

The Middengard Sagas

A boy is missing – hidden in the human past. What will it take to find him?

Alice, Toby and Josh are safely back in Melbourne, leading a normal life. Middengard is celebrating the start of a new golden age. But when Alice’s father appears at Toby’s running championships, he asks her to do the unthinkable: travel back in time.

As Alice, Toby and Josh find friends and foes alike in Victorian England, Orla sets off for the mysterious Vale of Tears. She must close a rift between worlds that threatens both humans and Hilderinc alike. And at the centre of it all, a missing boy. The question is: why is he so important?

Join all your favourite characters in this new Middengard epic, as they prepare to face their most dangerous enemy yet.

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