BOOK 5 – the girl in the light

The Middengard Sagas

‘A fantastic finale to the series…an incredible journey’ – Amazon

Alice, Toby and Josh would give their lives for each other. But the bonds between them start to crumble when Sam, the mysterious boy in the dark, comes into their lives. Meanwhile, in Middengard, Orla, Ellie and Isolde must do the impossible – defeat Mimir, the dark goddess, who threatens both Middengard and the human world alike.

As Mimir’s destructive plans accelerate, Isolde takes a stand against her. But even her ancient powers are left wanting. It is her protégé Orla who must make the hardest decision of her life – but will it be enough to save them all?

A thrilling, fast-paced adventure, the final book in the epic Middengard Sagas will keep you guessing to the end.

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