More Books that Changed my Life

oldkingdom.jpgJinx the cat (and the Author’s agent when in a good mood) writes: “The Old Kingdom” books by Garth Nix are my favourite, because they feature a VERY IMPORTANT CAT, called Mogget. Why you-know-who couldn’t take the hint and write me a key role in the Middengard Sagas is anybody’s guess. Talk about loyalty.”


Hugh Mackay: The Good Life. This one’s from me (Author here). I read this book a couple of year’s ago. I don’t read a lot of non-fiction (except history and biography) but this sounded really interesting. Social researcher Hugh Mackay poses some challenging questions: what constitutes a good life? How can I live a life worth living? When he posited the view that we can all lead a good life, or at least a better life, by looking outwards and not always inwards, by thinking about other people and not always ourselves, I wanted to cheer. He doesn’t tell you to be a dogsbody, but he does tell you to help others, in whatever way you can. It really is that simple. Read it and learn.

images 2.42.27 pm.jpeg

The wonderful Meg writes: “Interesting question June “what book changed my life”, but hard to answer as I have always been a voracious reader, devouring books from family bookshelves and the public library at the rate of at least 6 a week -incidentally I think the free public library is one of the treasures of western democracy. However, with a little thought I’d like to mention “Testament of Youth” by Vera Brittain. I had always been fascinated (and appalled) by the first World War, but had never read such a hugely powerful book from a woman’s perspective who survived terrible grief and went on to be such a strong woman, a faithful friend and a powerful feminist……… I read the book back in the 70s when I was exploring feminism and my life as a woman and it brought a new perspective to that struggle.” (Author’s note here: Meg, I am super-impressed that you knew Vera Brittain…how wonderful to have had such a formative relationship, fairly early on in your life).



Do you have a book that made an impact on your life? If you do, please share! Everyone love’s to hear everyone else’s stories. You can contact me via the website here or via the FB author page: @ June Wilson Author.

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