The start of a great new adventure…

Well, it’s been an adventure for all of us lately, hasn’t it? Although ‘adventure’ is probably a polite word for the bewildering changes thrust upon us by the advent of Covid 19. For writers, it’s been a chance to focus (and I mean really focus, given the lockdowns that many of us have experienced). It’s allowed me to think long and hard about my new series, ‘The Chronicles of Albion’, and how to keep the new books connected with Middengard, while spending far more time with characters in the human world. And the end result? ‘Gloriana’ which, as one reviewer has so kindly put it, is an exciting blend of fantasy and history. It certainly has a glorious cover (if you’ll pardon the pun). And did you notice the cat? What has a cat to do with anything? Quite a lot, in turns out….

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