More ‘Books that Changed my Life’

Some important contributions this month. This one is really special, from Emma, aged 10:

IMG_1376.jpgWise words from the young. In my case, it’s taken me 50 years to get a book out in the public arena (yes I really am quite ancient). Although I started early – reading “Adventure at Lighthouse Creek” to my fellow 7 year olds at Featherbank junior school (deep and darkest Yorkshire), through to my historical romance written at 19 (“not quite what I expected” from my English Lit. tutor at Manchester) and a whole lot of other false starts…here I am!! So Emma, if you follow your own advice, you will never go wrong.

And this one too, from a dear friend across the water (a lot of water) on the Emerald Isle:

Book that changed my life…….. I love reading, from a very young age I disappeared into the world of Enid Blyton, where on every tree I saw became a possible adventure. Then, at around 11, I read “Little women”.  As one of four girls I identified with these four sisters, their relationships and inner turmoils (and of course I was Jo!). Although there are parts of all of these girls in all of us, which is what made this such a good read!

“The Shack” made me re-evalute my expectations of God and the part he/she plays in my life. It really impacted on my faith in a positive way. And lastly, “The last days of Rabbit Hayes”. I read it from start to finish in 6 hours. First book all nighter I had done in a while. Not an Epic by any stretch but touched my heart and I cried and laughed for hours . There are lots more that have changed me, if only for a day, I could write for hours.

And finally from another dear friend, who has not yet read an ebook (yes I can understand all the issues with ebooks – real, paper books will always be my personal preference…):

“YOUR new book may be a life changing book in one way as I do not have an Amazon account but will have to set one up to be able to read it! I am a bit old fashioned as I still like to hold a book in my hands.”



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